Scarlet Witch Is The “Wild Card” Of Captain America: Civil War, According To Elizabeth Olsen


Brutal, relentless, and possibly the best Marvel movie to date? Yes, the cast and crew of Joe and Anthony Russo’s Captain America: Civil War have been shouting the threequel’s name from the rooftops, and after claiming that Daniel Brühl’s Baron Zemo is the “main villain,” Elizabeth Olsen has now provided an update on her character of Scarlet Witch, who she describes as the film’s undisputed “wild card.”

Olsen’s enchantress was conspicuously absent from the leaked promo art that featured both “Team Cap” and “Team Iron Man,” and while those trailer screengrabs teased of her allegiance to the former – particularly given the end of Age of Ultron – the actress hinted that her sorceress is conflicted and a little confused by the time Civil War rolls around.


In an interview with MTV, Olsen trumpeted Scarlet Witch’s innate ability to perplex her surrounding members of the heroic ensemble, and why she will always exist as the loosest of loose cannons.

“She’s OK. She’s doing alright. She’s confused, she’s conflicted. She’s found some people she thinks she connects with, but she’s doing alright. They released images of Team Cap and Team Iron Man. She wasn’t there. She’s always the wild card. I like being the wild card.”

But in terms of Scarlet’s actual powers, Age of Ultron presented us with a heroine that was struggling to come to terms with her supernatural abilities. After all, it took a spurring pep talk from Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye to nudge her toward becoming a bond fide Avengers. So, how will that arc develop in Captain America: Civil War.

“It’s not a new hand technique per say. We’re trying to grow her movement as a whole… Jenny and I have great pride in trying to make this a huge transformation — the next time we see her — of her abilities.”

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will face-off in earnest when the Russo brothers bring Captain America: Civil War to theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: MTV

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