Scarlett Johansson Confirms Black Widow Definitely Died In Avengers: Endgame


Not that the film couldn’t have been much clearer, but it looks like Black Widow absolutely, 100% did NOT survive Avengers: Endgame.

After 9 years of badass onscreen heroics, the ferocious, redheaded (eventually blonde) mercenary sacrificed herself in the pursuit of the Soul Stone, much to our’s and Hawkeye’s dismay. But after nearly a decade of appearing in ensemble movies alongside other Avengers, she now gets to headline her own solo flick.

Of course, this upcoming film, directed by Cate Shortland, will be heading back to the past – you know, because she’s dead. And in it, we’ll be introduced to several of they key players in Natasha Romanoff’s life, including David Harbour’s Red Guardian, Midsommar‘s Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, and Rachel Weisz’s Melina, among others.

Even though the untitled movie – which will be taking place between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War – is clearly about bygone events, there are some who believe that the film will tell us that Black Widow isn’t really dead.

Well, Scarlett Johansson has now shut those theorists down.

While doing promotional interviews for Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit (which is truly phenomenal, by the way), the 34-year-old actress stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. And in doing so, she confirmed, for an absolute fact, that her trademark character is really dead.

Here’s how she put it.

“Honestly, it brought a closure to me that I needed, cause I was kind of wiped out after that last one [Avengers: Endgame] emotionally and literally… There are very few certain things but definitely, death is pretty certain. But, people definitely don’t believe it and have tried to convince me that my character did not actually die. That may be, my character existed in an alternate universe. But no, death is a pretty final thing.”

I remember I recently had to deal with a customer at my other job who insisted that I could give her a refund (which, in this case, was against policy) “if I really wanted to.” In that light, Marvel could find a way to resurrect Natasha if they really wanted to as well, which we’ve heard could happen.

But given the fact that this alteration would tamper with the emotional backbone of their megalopolis picture, they’d have to be very careful about how they bring the Black Widow you know and love back to the present.