Behind The Scenes Pictures From Maleficent Reveal A Bit Of The Magic

Not long ago, we got our first look at Angelina Jolie in the upcoming Sleeping Beauty film entitled Maleficent. Now, thanks to Buzzfeed, we get to see a little of the behind the scenes magic going into the film with several shots of Jolie filming what looks to be some kind of flying sequence.

The pictures feature Jolie in full costume being lifted into the air on a blue contraption held by men in blue full-body stockings, obviously using a bit of blue screen magic, as well as a few shots of everyone preparing for the sequence.

This version of the tale, which is told from Maleficent’s point of view, must be a bit different. Granted, it’s been many years since I’ve seen the animated film, but I don’t recall her flying about anywhere, though I do recall her transforming into a dragon for the final battle.

Maleficent is currently filming in Buckinghamshire, which is in the southeast part of England, a popular spot for films as it’s close to London. Other films that have been made there include Harry Potter, Batman Begins, and Casino Royale, just to name a few.

The film is currently set to be released on March 14, 2014.