Watch: Scream 5 Fan Trailer Teases Ghostface’s Gory Return


Scream 5 is officially in the works from Spyglass Entertainment. After the slasher franchise shifted onto the small screen following the sad loss of Wes Craven, Ghostface is coming back to cinemas for a brand new meta-horror movie, as helmed by Ready or Not duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. A script has been written and so far, one of the original film’s stars has signed up to join the cast. So, get ready for another gory return to Woodsboro.

Though we’re still a while away from getting any kind of trailer or sneak peek, this fan-made teaser gives us a taste of what we’ve got in store in Scream 5 – which creator StryderHD stylizes as 5cream, following Scream 4 being known as Scre4m. Using clips from previous films in the series and footage from the cast’s other projects, the trailer does a good job of teasing more shocks, surprises and kills. Lots of kills.

There’s also one big twist that the creator pitches which would be really interesting. A final clip shows loveable old Dewey Riley with one of Ghostface’s butcher knives, heavily implying that he’s the killer this time around. This would be a heck of a shock if Scream 5 pulled something like this off. It would also explain why David Arquette was the first one to agree to return, suggesting he just couldn’t say no to whatever the filmmakers had planned.

The trailer also makes heavy use of Sidney Prescott, which makes sense as she’s always been at the core of the series. At present, though, Neve Campbell has yet to finalize negotiations to return in Scream 5, though she’s spoken positively of her interactions so far with the directors and seems impressed with their ideas and aims to honor Craven. So, hopefully she – and Courtney Cox as Gale Weathers-Riley – will join Arquette in returning. You need the whole gang together to make it a proper Scream movie, after all.