‘Scream’ fan sparks debate over the best horror franchise with one tweet


From A Nightmare on Elm Street to The Conjuring, there’s an abundance of horror franchises that have terrified audiences over the years. With reinventions of classic franchises like Halloween (2018) and Scream (2022) achieving more modern success, an internet debate is inviting horror fans to name their pick for best horror franchise of all time.

Over on Twitter, user @RobinsonMarc1 sparked the conversation by insisting that there was, in fact, no debate to be had at all. “Scream is the best horror franchise and it’s not even a debate,” was written in the tweet. The Scream fan immediately sparked an intense discussion, which saw a variety of opinions in the replies.

The response was almost immediate, with many fans jumping to defend their personal favorite franchise. One user insisted that Halloween is still the best franchise, claiming that the 1978 original beats any film in Scream’s franchise.

Another user claimed that A Nightmare on Elm Street is the best, even going as far as to name a few standout films in the illustrious franchise.

Another immediately had a bone to pick by referring to Friday the 13th as the top dog.

On the other hand, many folks agreed with the original post and joined along with praise for Scream as the best horror franchise.

The popularity of the discussion further shows how significant horror is as a genre, and how many movies within specific franchises continue to intrigue fans to this day. With Halloween Ends hitting theaters this fall and the rumors of another A Nightmare on Elm Street film on the horizon, perhaps one of these franchises will overthrow the seemingly popular opinion that Scream currently holds the blood-soaked crown of horror.