Scream Fans Are Loving The Official Movie Poster


With the 25th-anniversary screenings of Scream happening in theaters across the globe today and tomorrow, fans of the Scream film franchise are living and breathing all things slasher comedy and horror. The movie is a favorite for many slasher-flick fans and cemented its place in pop culture. Ghostface is an icon, and their killer persona is a terrifying one.

The most terrifying thing about Ghostface? The murders are never random; there’s always a tie-in between the killer and the victims. These people are having relationships with their soon-to-be killer without even realizing it, and there are few things more horrifying than that. It looks like that trend will continue with the 5th installment of the Scream franchise next year.

The official poster and tagline for the upcoming Scream film went live just hours ago, and fans love it so far.

The account warns fans that it’s always someone you know, and the movie will surely showcase that.

This user is muting everything with the word Scream to experience the movie in full for the first time when they see it completely spoiler-free — but they had to give the poster a special shout-out.

This fan says there are so few franchises that bring high levels of quality with their films, and Scream is one of them.

Many fans want the movie poster to hang in their homes, and we agree.

This fan — and many others, really want to know where the trailer is.

This fan, like many others, is just excited to see another film in the franchise.

Everyone will scream on January 14th, 2022, and many fans will probably spend the next few months screaming in anticipation for the film we’ve been waiting years for.

Are you excited to see Scream in January of 2022? Are you counting down the moments until you get to see the trailer for the first time? Let’s talk about it!