‘Scream’ fans name their favorite scenes from the new movie

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Warning: major spoilers for Scream 2022 are present from the very beginning of this article

We’ve now had three weeks to chew over the new Scream movie and suffice it to say, it’s proven to be a total success on all fronts. Not only has it passed $100 million at the box office, Scream 2022 is beloved by fans, who agree it’s easily one of the finest installments of the slasher franchise. For many, it’s the best one since the 1996 original. With pretty much everyone caught up, then, Ghostface lovers are naming their favorite scenes from the film on social media.

Twitter fan account Scream Source got the ball rolling by asking the Scream fandom to single out their personal choice for the movie’s best moment.

There were a range of suggestions — unsurprisingly, folks really love the kill scenes — but one set-piece appears to be more acclaimed than the others. Namely, the fateful hospital scene in which Ghostface attacks Tara (Jenna Ortega) for the second time and, ultimately, murders poor Dewey (David Arquette).

Ghostface’s sinister declaration, “It’s an honor”, as he kills Dewey was particularly spine-tingling for some.

The Scream films are known for their tense opening sequences, and the latest movie was no different..

Ghostface’s siege on the Hicks residence, with its subversive bait-and-switch, is another highlight.

Let’s not forget about the great jump scare during Chad (Mason Gooding)’s attack either.

Everything about the finale is thrilling, though, like when Sidney (Neve Campbell) and Gale (Courteney Cox) team up to take out Amber (Mikey Madison).

And new final girl Sam (Melissa Barrera) definitely proves she’s no victim when she well and truly bests evil boyfriend Richie (Jack Quaid).

The plethora of answers in this Twitter thread proves that Radio Silence filmmakers Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett really brought their A-game to the table when directing this one. Fingers crossed they’d return behind the camera if a Scream 6 happens.

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