Screen Gems Horror Thriller Cadaver Taps Pretty Little Liars Stalwart Shay Mitchell


Breaking onto the scene via the über-popular Pretty Little Liars series, Shay Mitchell is now poised to board Cadaver, the new horror-thriller in the works at Screen Gems. The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop, noting that the Canadian actress has closed a deal to headline the dark and brooding drama.

Dreamed up by screenwriter Brian Sieve, Mitchell’s sophomore feature will see the star step into the shoes of “a disgraced ex-cop and recovering addict who takes a job in a graveyard shift at the morgue of the hospital in which she got sober. Soon after a mysterious and brutally massacred body is delivered to the morgue, the woman begins to witness terrorizing and violent murders, leading her to face off against an evil entity.”

Diederik Van Rooijen is behind the lens, flanked by a producing team that comprises Sean Robins and Todd Garner on behalf of Broken Road Productions. Cadaver first set up shop at Screen Gems via the studio’s Michael Bitar, who helped acquire the project in the early stages; now, it’s being readied to step before the cameras.

After spending seven seasons with the cast of Pretty Little Liars, Mitchell made her feature film debut back in April with Garry Marshall’s ensemble dramedy Mother’s Day. Next up on the actress’ slate is Cadaver, though there’s currently no news of when Van Rooijen’s jet-black thriller will enter production.