Why Chris Evans Dropped Out Of The Devil All The Time

Chris Evans

The new Netflix Original flick The Devil All the Time has been the talk of the town since its release last week, and for good reason, too. The exceptional period drama from director Antonio Campos tells an immensely compelling story of how trauma shapes families, legacies and the world as a whole, and it uses this subject to pose plenty of existential questions that may leave you wondering how exactly to process it all.

And though it’s an intriguing tale on its own, it’s the stellar cast that breathe so much life into the experience. Huge names such as Tom Holland, Bill Skarsgård and Robert Pattinson fill some of the movie’s most significant roles, but as an ensemble film, plenty of other faces show up throughout its 140 minute runtime, including one that originally wasn’t intended to be a part of the pic at all.

The role of corrupt cop Lee Bodecker was initially given to Captain America himself, Chris Evans. However, due to scheduling conflicts with his upcoming sci-fi film Infinite and Apple TV+ series Finding Jacob, Evans was forced to drop out in February 2019. In a cool twist of events, however, he recommended his friend, Sebastian Stan, to take his place as the crooked character. As you may know, Stan has starred alongside Evans in multiple MCU films as Bucky Barnes, also known as the Winter Soldier throughout the franchise.

Though Stan is only in a handful of scenes in The Devil All the Time, his portrayal of an entirely immoral narcissist nevertheless leaves an impression on viewers. His performance proves that he’s well-deserving of more dramatic and nuanced roles in the future as well, so here’s to hoping that Hollywood takes notice and lets us see more of his capabilities as an actor in upcoming movies.

The Devil All the Time can be streamed right now exclusively on Netflix.