Sebastian Stan Says It’ll Be A While Before We See Another Avengers Movie

Avengers: Endgame

Even though the franchise has earned over $20 billion at the box office and featured movies headlined by eleven different superheroes, the Avengers films remain the undoubted crown jewel of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the four outings for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes being the top-grossing installments in the entire series.

Having earned over $7.8 billion at the box office, there’s no chance that the Avengers will simply be allowed to ride off into the sunset, even with the events of Endgame drastically altering the team’s lineup. Kevin Feige has already admitted that we’ll see a fifth outing at some point in the future, with Marvel Studios reportedly building towards the Young Avengers in the interim.

Realistically, it could be Phase Six before we see the Avengers again, with the next few years set to introduce a huge number of potential team members through both the movies and Disney Plus shows, giving the MCU more scope than ever in deciding who will be deemed worthy replacements for the likes of Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow.

In a recent interview, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Sebastian Stan was asked about the likelihood of a fifth Avengers movie, and while in typical Marvel fashion he didn’t give anything away, his comments indicate that it’s definitely in the pipeline, although it could be a long time before we see it.

“Oh, I know nothing. You know I know nothing about that. You know, I’m just a man… We’ve got to figure out a couple of other missions first before we even get there. I gotta deal with this other person that I have to deal with. It’s been nice to have a break from him. Anthony Mackie, it’s just been nice to have a little bit of quiet in this quarantine without him. But, we’ve got to figure out some adventures together first before we get there.”

Marvel always play the long game when building to the next Avengers movie, and that’s worked out pretty well for them so far, so there’s little reason to deviate from the formula now, especially when you’re trying to top what became the biggest movie of all-time. There’s also plenty of time to focus on introducing and developing their newest batch of characters before there’s any need to even think about getting the band back together.