Second Justice League Post-Credits Scene Leaks Ahead Of Friday’s Big Release


UPDATE: The full clip has been removed by Warner Bros., but part of it can still be seen below.

The Justice League hype train has officially left the station. Time of arrival? Friday, November 17th.

Yes, as Warner and DC’s mega-movie inches ever closer, the Internet has been transformed into a minefield of bootleg recordings and potentially huge story spoilers, so it’s fair to say that comic book fans will want to tread lightly for the next four-to-five days – assuming you don’t mind having things spoiled ahead of time, of course.

With that in mind, Justice League‘s second (and downright hilarious) post-credits scene has surfaced online, and it’s much more in line with Joss Whedon’s directorial style – think of the zippy dialogue between Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the original Avengers – than the one featuring a certain masked vigilante. Again, this strays far, far into spoiler territory, so continue on at your own discretion.

Still with us? Thanks to a Twitter user by the name of ‘@SaidAlMantheri’ (via CBM), we now have a preliminary peek at Justice League‘s other post-credits scene, and it appears this one attempts to answer the age-old question: who would win in a race between the Man of Steel and the Scarlett Speedster?

And so, the two approach the starting line and exchange a few light-hearted jibs in the process. The clip will likely be pulled by Warner Bros. in the coming hours (if it hasn’t already), so be sure to have a peek while you still can.

Said to be a good, if not great addition to the fledgling DC Extended Universe, Justice League is projected for a domestic opening in the region of $120 million, though we imagine that number will be heavily affected by tomorrow’s review embargo – for better or worse.