Could We See A Kingsman And Deadpool Crossover?


In the world of comic book movies, crossovers are nothing new. We see them all the time and with the idea of a cinematic universe quickly catching on, they’re only going to become more and more prevalent – whether you like it or not.

One character that fans have been calling for to show up in another series for a while now is the Merc with a Mouth. Ever since the staggering success of Deadpool, it’s been widely speculated that he’d eventually meet up with Wolverine, with rumors pointing to him having a cameo in James Mangold’s Logan.

The director himself has said that it’s not going to happen though and while he could be lying, it’s not likely. We probably won’t be seeing the R-rated superhero showing up in the X-Men universe any time soon, unfortunately, but could we see him appear elsewhere? Perhaps in Fox’s Kingsman series? It’s a stretch, to be sure, but star Taron Egerton says he’d love to see it happen.

Speaking to MTV to promote his new film Sing, the young actor mentioned that he’d be up for having his character Eggsy meet up with Deadpool.

“I guess the tone of Deadpool would probably lend itself best. You know, some of the others are a little bit more family orientated, whereas Kingsman and Deadpool are both pretty R. So I guess maybe that would work quite well. Ryan’s a great guy, I met him very recently. Eggsy and Deadpool, who knows. I dread to think what those boys would get up to.”

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As perfect as these two would be together, there’s probably less of a chance of this happening than there is of the X-Men crossing over with the Avengers. Don’t get us wrong, we think it would result in an incredibly enjoyable film, given how both Eggsy and Deadpool are characters that are overflowing charisma and wit, and seeing them interact would be a ton of fun, but it just wouldn’t make much sense. There’s really no way to put both of them in the same movie without it feeling forced and we can’t see Fox risk ruining what are two incredibly successful franchises just to make this happen.

Now, that being said, we can definitely see Egerton and Reynolds sharing the screen together at some point in a different project. After all, the former has been tossed around as a potential candidate to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. So who knows? We may very well see the two actors together in the not too distant future.

What do you think, though? Could a crossover between Eggsy and Deadpoool work? If so, how do you think 20th Century Fox could pull such a thing off? Let us know down below!