See The Stunning New Poster For Disney Pixar’s Lightyear


There’s nothing quite like signing online in the morning and seeing breaking news from Disney, whether it be about the parks or a new series or film, merch we’ll wear too much or too often—it kicks off your day with a little extra magic. Today’s news from the Mouse House came in the form of a trailer for their upcoming Buzz Lightyear film, simply titled, Lightyear.

The trailer sees our favorite action figure hero in his actual heroic state. Lightyear takes Buzz from a toy to the inspiration behind it, and we get to know why he became part of Andy’s collection as a child. We get a peek at the space adventures he would ramble about when we first met him; terribly afraid of the real world but brave in terms of space.

It doesn’t hurt that Buzz Lightyear is voiced by Chris Evans, either. Fans of the star are excited to get a look at an upcoming project and to see that he’s not entirely done with that hero badge.

In addition to the trailer, Disney also released their stunning poster for the upcoming animated film. Check it out below.

Lightyear hits theaters on June 17, 2022, and if you’ve already marked that date in your planner with star doodles and lyrics to Starman, you’re not the only one.