Domhall Gleeson Says He’s Open To A Star Wars Return

Star Wars General Hux

With the Skywalker Saga now over after nine films and 42 years, it’s about time Star Wars began looking towards the future. There are three new movies in the works from Patty Jenkins, Kevin Feige and Taika Waititi, and though plot details won’t be made public for a while yet, let’s hope that they take the franchise in a bold and fresh direction.

After all, tying everything to George Lucas’ Original Trilogy severely impacted The Rise of Skywalker, while Anthology spinoffs Rogue One and Solo relied heavily on nostalgia and name recognition towards certain events, locations and characters to tell their stories. Season 1 of The Mandalorian, meanwhile, hit that sweet spot between the old and new, but veered heavily into fan service throughout its sophomore run.

There are close to a dozen TV shows in the works as well, with The Acolyte and Rangers of the New Republic the only ones so far that don’t have a legacy player front and center. That’ll soon change, no doubt, and despite being killed off after he was revealed as a traitor in Episode IX, Domhall Gleeson has now revealed in a recent interview that he’d be open to a return as General Hux if the story was up to scratch.

A couple people have asked because there is so much stuff happening in the Star Wars universe, but it’s always about if the story’s good. I’m up for anything if the story’s good, you know? So yeah, bring it on, if so, and if not, I think I did plenty. Three movies is a lot.”

Hux was your typically weaselly middle management employee of the Empire during the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, although he swiftly devolved into unfunny comic relief before the big reveal that he was secretly a mole wound up landing with a bit of a thud after coming almost completely out of the blue. However, Gleeson is a great actor and there are no doubt going to be many prequels unfolding on both the big screen and Disney Plus, so a comeback can never be ruled out.