The Internet’s Calling Out The Mandalorian For Too Much Fan Service

The Mandalorian

The age of Peak TV that we live in has seen countless shows spin epic, complex and interweaving storylines that span multiple seasons, giving us richly detailed characters and dovetailing subplots where even the smallest details are paid off years down the line. However, sometimes you just want to switch off your brain and enjoy some shamelessly undemanding entertainment where you don’t have to think about a damn thing, which is where The Mandalorian comes in.

Essentially a series of side quests loosely tied together by one or two major plotlines, Mando is given an objective and gets to it in a roundabout sort of way by the finale, stopping off for several detours and making some new friends as he goes. As a Star Wars show, there’s also plenty of fan service thrown in for good measure, but Jon Favreau’s smash hit has so far avoided the sort of criticisms that plagued The Force Awakens, Solo and The Rise of Skywalker, all of which were full of references and callbacks to the lore.

With the second season now in the rearview mirror, though, and Din Djarin on hiatus as The Book of Boba Fett steals his spot on the Disney Plus schedule for this year, the inevitable backlash towards The Mandalorian has started to seep onto the internet. And based on the reactions below, the only surprise is that it took so long to happen in the first place.

An argument can be made that season 2 veered a bit too heavily into fan fiction territory, but as we discovered, it was all by design to set up a trio of spinoffs that would expand the small screen universe. The next run of The Mandalorian will be key in determining whether it’s a show worthy of such critical acclaim, though, or if it really is just big budget fan service with little under the surface.