Set Photos For Avengers: Infinity War Confirm The Return Of Vision And Scarlet Witch


Avengers: Infinity War is still more than a year away and already, its casting docket is the stuff of legend. Bringing together Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for the third ensemble movie – both Thor and Hulk were conveniently AWOL during Captain America: Civil War, remember – we know from previous reports that the Guardians of the Galaxy will hold a small, but “integral” role in Joe and Anthony Russo’s titanic blockbuster as well, which surely involves the Infinity Stones and/or the impending battle with Thanos.

But Josh Brolin’s glowering Mad Titan isn’t the only thing the Avengers will have to contend with; according to co-director Joe Russo, Infinity War will find our heroes “at their lowest, at their worst” following the fallout from Civil War, so it’ll be interesting to see how those costumed crusaders make amends before Thanos descends onto Earth baying for blood. If a new wave of set photos is to be believed, it seems Vision (Paul Bettany) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) will continue their superheroic relationship in 2018, as both can be seen filming on the cobbled streets of Edinburgh in the gallery below.

Star-Lord and the gang aren’t the only new recruits to the cause, as Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sorcerer Supreme has also booked his place in Avengers: Infinity War. His Doctor Strange will be well represented, it seems, though Chris Evans is reportedly one member of the team currently mulling over his future in the MCU. Could the actor hang up Cap’s shield once and for all after Infinity War and its untitled sequel? It’s certainly possible.

Avengers: Infinity War crashes into theaters on May 4th, 2018. It’ll be followed in quick succession by a fourth, as-yet-untitled Avengers movie in 2019, though Marvel has been playing its cards awfully close to the chest hitherto. Expect all that to change once Joe and Anthony Russo’s threequel lights up theaters next year.

Source: Imgur