Shazam! Director Reveals Who Voiced Mister Mind In Post-Credits Scene


Although we have to wait until at least 2022 for the sequel to Shazam!, director David F. Sandberg has recently been revealing some of the lesser-known parts of the original movie. As well as pointing out a brief cameo by Seth Green, Sandberg has now explained who provided the voice for Mister Mind, the creature seen in the pic’s post-credits sequence.

According to the director, he actually voiced the caterpillar-like villain, who may turn out to be the adversary for Zachary Levi’s hero in future Shazam! films. Revealing that he voiced the character as part of a recent “Quarantine Watch Party” for the 2019 DCEU pic, he commented on Twitter as so:

For those not aware, Mister Mind is a Venusian worm who has been one of Billy Batson’s long-running antagonists, and part of the Monster Society of Evil, which may appear in Shazam! 2. At the moment, we don’t know too much about the sequel, but there will likely be some kind of connection to the upcoming Black Adam standalone film, which is currently set to arrive in theaters in 2021.

Based on what we’ve heard, Mister Mind and the Monster Society of Evil are the first choice for Shazam! 2 villains and the follow-up could also feature appearances from bizarre characters like the King Kong-referencing King Kull and the genocidal robot Mister Atom. In addition, there’s been some recent talk about Henry Cavill’s Superman showing up in the next film as well, after a stunt double portrayed his version of the Man of Steel in the original movie.

Given the success of the pic, we really wouldn’t be surprised if the scale of the DC characters in the sequel is broadened, meaning we could be getting cameos from other DCEU big hitters. For now, though, we’re looking forward to more behind-the-scenes insights from Sandberg, with the lockdown a good time to revisit Shazam! as it’s certainly one of the DCEU’s better installments to date.