Is Batman A Shoo-In For Warner’s Shazam?


Not for the first time, the Caped Crusader has been linked with a possible cameo role in Shazam!

The DCEU standalone movie, one that’s said to be like a superpowered rendition of Big, is currently lensing across parts of Toronto, Canada under the working title ‘Franklin.’ Should everything go according to plan, David Sandberg’s spinoff will remain in front of the cameras until May, at which point Warner Bros. will shift gears and prepare for a lengthy post-production ahead of the film’s arrival in April.

But now that production has officially commenced, lead star Zachary Levi has been fairly active on social media, with his most recent post (h/t CBM) alluding to a possible Batman cameo in Shazam!

It’s made in jest, of course, and we can’t imagine Warner’s bigwigs would allow Levi to post anything too revealing. Then again, it’s fun to speculate. And the following pic was tethered to the caption: “Look who makes a cameo in Shazam…”

Oh, Levi…you tease! Again, this is likely just an innocent teaser from the actor, who is ready to command the screen as Billy Batson, the boy wonder who became a man in the most extraordinary way imaginable.

Casting-wise, Mark Strong, Jack Dylan Grazer, Grace Fulton, Ian Chen, Jovan Armand and Ron Cephas Jones fill out the slate, with the latter tasked with playing the wizard who grants Billy his powers in the first place – powers derived from Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury.

The cameras, they are a-rolling on the set of David Sandberg’s Shazam!, and DC fans have already drawn their own conclusions from yesterday’s leaked photo. A full reveal is seemingly right around the corner, with the finished product expected to release in April of 2019 – eight months before Patty Jenkins gets the gang back together for Wonder Woman 2.

Source: Instagram