Shazam! Star Zachary Levi Says Batman Is Way Sexier Than Superman


If there’s one thing we appreciate about some of the actors who’ve worked on MCU and DCEU movies, it’s that they are more than willing to take the time to answer pressing questions which fans have been thinking of for years. Look at Zachary Levi, for example.

The star of Shazam! has weighed in on some interesting hypothetical scenarios lately – he thinks the eponymous hero would be able to beat The Flash in a fight, he’s admitted that he wished he could have played Deadpool, and, as one of the few actors who has starred in both the DECU and MCU, he’s gone on record to say he had more fun working with DC.

Recently, Levi attended Germany’s CCXP Cologne convention and was asked whether he would consider playing a darker hero or a villain if the opportunity presented itself. As the conversation progressed, the topic somehow forayed into a classic battle of the ages: who’s a better superhero – Batman or Superman? Levi weighed in on the matter, and during his explanation, he confessed that he feels the Caped Crusader trumps Kal-El in terms of sexiness.

“There’s a reason why Batman is one of the most successful characters. In fact, from a TV and film standpoint, Batman is far more successful than Superman, right? Although Superman is a far more popular character in the annals of history, so why is that? Think about it. Superman — and by the way, I love Superman — Superman is the ultimate boy scout. Superman is like tried and true, he’s always gonna choose right, and I love that because Chuck and Shazam are kind of similar in that regard, I love that about Superman.

But for the world we live in, and all of the things we kind of hold up and value and whatever, I mean, Batman’s way sexier. Batman’s like, he’s got issues [laughs].”

Frankly, we find ourselves agreeing with Zachary on this one. Sure, there are some who would prefer Clark Kent’s more straight-laced nature, but it’s hard to deny that Bruce Wayne has an air of mystery around him. Let’s be honest, dark and brooding beats clean-cut Boy Scout any day of the year.

While we’re sure that Superman will remain popular for some time to come, in the world of pop culture and film, it looks like Batman will be at the forefront in the coming years. After all, there aren’t any Man of Steel movies in the works, right?