Sherlock And Enola Will Reportedly Work More Closely Together In Enola Holmes 2

Enola Holmes
Image via Netflix

Enola Holmes was one of Netflix’s biggest movies of 2020. Though it was at one point set to be theatrically released by Warner Bros., the streaming giant ultimately snapped up the rights following the pandemic, which proved to be a smart move on their part. Not least because it may have given them a brand new franchise, as all the signs are pointing to Enola Holmes 2 being in the works and one thing fans can expect from the sequel is more of Henry Cavill’s Sherlock.

The Superman star’s presence was a major draw for the first film, but while the internet drooled over him all the same, the British actor only had a supporting role, with Millie Bobby Brown’s eponymous teen heroine being very much the protagonist. It’s looking like Cavill could be bumped up to co-lead alongside Brown for the follow-up, though.

According to what an insider source told Geekosity, the sequel’s plot will see Enola and Sherlock team up on an investigation this time around.

“What I’ve been told is that this sequel will see Brown’s Enola and Cavill’s Sherlock work more closely together,” writes the outlet.

This fits with what’s been said before in other reports, including what WGTC has heard from our own sources. In fact, we’ve got wind that EH2 will dig a lot deeper into the Sherlock mythos than the first one, with Holmes’ nemesis Professor Moriarty possibly even putting in an appearance. The rest of the clan will also be back next time, with Helena Bonham Carter’s matriarch Eudora and disapproving brother Mycroft (Sam Claflin) likely to return.

Again, Netflix has yet to make an announcement about a sequel, but presumably they’re waiting until a production start date is locked in, which is no doubt proving tricky thanks to Cavill and Brown being so in demand. Rest assured, though, Enola Holmes 2 is coming.