Shia LaBeouf Might Be Returning For Constantine Sequel

Keanu Reeves Constantine

The movie might not have done big enough business at the box office fifteen years ago to warrant a sequel, but based on what we’ve been hearing recently, it looks as though the key creative team behind Constantine still haven’t given up on the idea of a follow-up.

A comic book blockbuster starring Keanu Reeves as a chain-smoking paranormal investigator sounds like a license to print money if it was announced in 2020, and the actor hasn’t been shy in admitting that he’d love to play the role again. Director Francis Lawrence revealed that he’d spoken with his leading man about the possibility, while producer Akiva Goldsman dropped some tantalizing possibilities about where the would-be franchise could have been headed.

Constantine is set to feature in the Justice League Dark show being spearheaded by J.J. Abrams for HBO Max, but there have also been rumors that a big screen reboot could be in the works as well that would see Reeves don the trench-coat once again. In fact, Warner Bros. are said to be very keen on the idea and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us about Justice League Dark months before it was announced – that they want another one of the original stars to return for what’s turning out to be a direct follow-up to the 2005 film.

According to our intel, the studio reportedly want Shia LaBeouf back as sidekick Chas Kramer, who was killed off in the first movie before being revealed as an angel in the post-credits scene. The idea of the resurgent LaBeouf teaming back up with an even more world-weary Keanu Reeves in a Constantine sequel is a hugely exciting prospect, but it remains to be seen if the former Transformers lead would even be interested in signing on. After all, he turned his back on big budget fare a decade ago and has shown little interest in returning ever since.