WB Reportedly Courting Keanu Reeves For Constantine Reboot

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves seems to be hellbent on revisiting his classic movie roles of late, with Bill & Ted, The Matrix and John Wick sequels at various stages of active development. And he’s reportedly on the verge of adding another franchise to that list.

According to Charles Murphy of Murphy’s Multiverse, Reeves is being courted for the lead role in the live-action Constantine project that J.J. Abrams is said to be developing. Which, if you’ll recall, We Got This Covered first told you months ago. Of course, Warner Bros. hasn’t commented on the matter just yet, but all the signs point to an official announcement coming soon.

Reeves, of course, has only played the occult detective on one previous occasion, taking on the lead part in 2005’s divisive Constantine. The movie garnered mixed reviews, although some fans and critics felt that the Matrix star was well cast as the protagonist. Moreover, Reeves has expressed interest in revisiting Constantine in the past, perhaps feeling he has unfinished business because his last outing failed to fully do justice to the source material.

Abrams hasn’t officially confirmed that he wants Reeves to return as Constantine, but resurrecting a live-action character with the original actor on board would certainly fit in with DC and Warner Bros.’ current strategy. The studios appear to be building an interconnected multiverse housing all of their movie and TV properties, with Michael Keaton’s Batman among the most notable characters tipped for a comeback.

It’s worth pointing out that Abrams already has a perfectly good live-action Constantine he could call upon in Matt Ryan, though there’s no reason why Reeves’ version of the character can’t co-exist with Ryan’s within the multiverse. In any case, it’s yet to be confirmed whether HBO Max’s Justice League Dark and its off-shoots will tie in with the DCEU or exist within a self-contained universe, but hopefully we’ll learn more soon.

In the meantime, tell us, do you want to see Reeves return as Constantine? Make yourself heard in the comments section down below.