Elizabeth Olsen Says Shoots And Reshoots For Avengers Movies Are Done At The Same Time


Disney’s been nothing if not efficient when it comes to executing each phase of the MCU. While disappointing box office figures currently have the Star Wars and DC franchises reassessing their future plans, Marvel’s had a remarkable track record in following through on their ambitious release schedule with one commercially successful, critically acclaimed film after the other, all while building up an increasingly elaborate multi-movie narrative that culminated in this year’s mega-hit, Avengers: Infinity War.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise then that Marvel’s streamlined approach extends to their reshoots, which, according to Elizabeth Olsen, are filmed at the same time as the actual shoots. While attending this weekend’s Ace Comic Con in Seattle, the actress known for playing Scarlet Witch had this to say about her experience on the set of the Avengers movies:

We kind of edit as we go. If they know that we have to reshoot something, that was like two weeks ago. They are so on top of it. We were doing reshoots and shooting at the same time. We’d have these like splinter sets that they would build instead of building the whole location.

Olsen singled out her early scenes opposite Paul Bettany as an example of when these smaller sets were put to use, while the Vision actor himself recalled how their scenes in Scotland were reshot in a whole other part of the world.

That was Edinburgh behind us, it was Edinburgh. We were in Atlanta in front of a green scene and I was with you kind of going ‘how the hell is this going to…’

Given all we’ve heard about the extravagant measures that the Russo Brothers went to in order to avoid leaks from the production, this probably wasn’t the strangest moment from the set of the movie, but it’s a nice little example of how surreal an experience it must sometimes be to shoot such a world-hopping, globe-trotting, big-budgeted production.

For all her hard work, Olsen’s character was sadly disintegrated at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, but hopefully she’ll be making a comeback when Avengers 4 hits cinemas May 3rd, 2019.