Shortlist For Terminator 5 Possibly Revealed


Those Schmoes, they’re really on a roll aren’t they? After delivering the news that Olga Kurylenko may be up for the part of Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman, we’re now hearing from them that the shortlist for the roles of Sarah and John Connor in Terminator 5 have been revealed.

According to the same source who delivered the Wonder Woman news, the actresses being looked at for the role of Sarah are Emilia Clarke, Brie Larson and Margot Robbie. As for John, Boyd Holbrook and Garrett Hedlund are apparently the frontrunners.

Like their previous rumors, I would take this latest tidbit from the Schmoes with a grain of salt. They seem to trust their source completely but like Batman vs. Superman, this is another project that is attracting a lot of speculation, most of which probably won’t end up being true.

Terminator 5 is obviously one of the more high-profile projects of the next few years and until something is confirmed, it’s likely that every hot, young Hollywood actor/actress will be linked to the iconic roles of Sarah and John Connor.

Nevertheless, it’s still interesting to see who the studio might have their eye on. Plus, if they are going for a younger Sarah and John, it may provide some clues as to what the plot will involve.

Tell us, are you buying the latest Terminator 5 rumor? Of the talent mentioned, who would you like to see lead the film? Let us know in the comments section below.