Shuri Will Reportedly Create A New Suit For Wolverine In The MCU


As every Marvel fan knows, Hugh Jackman never wore the classic Wolverine suit in any of the Fox X-Men movies because the filmmakers thought it was too comic book-y to work on the big screen. As Logan director James Mangold recently revealed, he just didn’t feel like the character would be the sort to wear a full-on superhero costume by choice. It’s interesting, then, that shortly after this comment, we’re now hearing news of how Wolverine’s suit could be explained when he’s rebooted in the MCU.

Roger Wardell’s Twitter account has become a must-watch feed for MCU fans as the insider has provided a bunch of spot-on Marvel info in the past. Recently, he started tweeting new scoops from another, presumably replacement, account and assuming this is genuinely him, you may want to pay attention to his latest report. Seen down below, it claims that Black Panther’s genius sister Shuri will create a bleeding-edge outfit for Logan to wear.

Wardell’s tweet definitely leaves us wanting more. What could be so dangerous that causes the immortal anti-hero to need to turn to the Wakandan royal family so they can give him a suit of high-tech armor? That remains unclear, but the information he does give provides a neat way to line up the character with the established MCU. It’s interesting that Wardell specifies the use of “Antarctic Vibranium” as well. Will this metal, different from Wakandan Vibranium, be given the name Adamantium?

In a franchise where the likes of Iron Man, Spider-Man and obviously Black Panther have state-of-the-art suits, Wolverine had to get some kind of technological upgrade, too. Having the need for a costume be necessitated by some threat on his life is also a smart way of getting over the problem Fox wrestled with for two decades. That being, why the heck would Logan decide to wear a yellow uniform in the first place?