Simon Pegg And Quentin Tarantino Have Made Up After Their Star Trek Disagreement

Star Trek Simon Pegg

Executive producer Alex Kurtzman may have the future of Star Trek on the small screen mapped out all the way through to 2027, but the big screen arm of the beloved sci-fi franchise doesn’t have the same luxury. In fact, Paramount were forced to publicly deny rumors that they’d given up on making Trek movies entirely after the various projects in development all stalled at around the same time.

The canonical fourth installment in the Kelvin series has already faced countless cast and crew reshuffles without even making it into production, and the stars themselves don’t seem too sure about what the future holds. Legion and Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley was working on a fresh spin on the material as well, but that was also placed on an indefinite hiatus.

Quentin Tarantino’s R-rated effort, meanwhile, was the least likely to happen by far, but that didn’t stop the famed filmmaker and franchise stalwart Simon Pegg from having a bit of a disagreement. The Pulp Fiction director previously admitted that he was annoyed by comments that Pegg had made about his proposed entry into the Star Trek mythology, but in a recent interview, the Shaun of the Dead star revealed that they’d buried the hatchet.

“I heard this story that Quentin was mad at me. I haven’t read his treatment, but I’ve heard it’s very ‘Quentin Tarantino does Star Trek‘, you know. And it’s everything you would hope from that. Actually, I saw him at a Once Upon a Time in Hollywood thing and was like, ‘You’re not mad at me, are you?’.  He was like, ‘No, man, no! The press are blowing it all out of proportion!’.”

As a lifelong fan, integral cast member of the Kelvin timeline and co-writer of the last movie, you can fully understand why Simon Pegg feels more than a little protective over the Star Trek franchise and where it goes next. Now that he and Tarantino have put their differences to one side, though, maybe they can collaborate on a future project to really cement their friendship, whether it takes place in outer space or not.