Watch: Simon Pegg Totally Transforms Himself In Inheritance Trailer


Simon Pegg has charted an impressive acting career from British indie comedy to mainstream Hollywood blockbuster. Now, with commercial (and popular) success assured, it looks like he’s tickling his independent sensibility once more. His newest film – a thriller titled Inheritance – releases tomorrow on VOD, and if you didn’t know his name was in the credits, you’d be hard pressed to recognize him.

As you can see in the trailer up above, Pegg plays Morgan Warner, a man who’s been held captive by a wealthy patriarch for a very long time. Leaving aside the beard and the ageing makeup (they’ve done a good job on him), I’m not sure I’ve ever heard Pegg do an American accent before. It’s not bad, either, pitched in the direction of Hugh Laurie as House, if not as gravelly.

The film had been set for a theatrical release in April, but the pandemic has now put paid to that. This’ll be the second VOD release from Vertical Entertainment in the last 10 days, too, as Capone came out in the same format on May 12th. It seems studios are increasingly favouring getting films out there in this way, though it remains to be seen whether it’s viable for higher budget movies.

Got any thoughts on Simon Pegg’s new look in Inheritance? Leave us a comment below. Can’t say I think it’ll be one he returns to often, but it’s always intriguing to see an actor play against type. Living it up on the shiny sets of Star Trek and Mission: Impossible is all well and good, sure, but can you do it in horrible grimy dungeon? Be sure to catch Inheritance when it debuts tomorrow for the answer.