Sizzling new ‘The Batman’ poster features the film’s main characters

Robert Pattinson as The Batman
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

With less than two months until the premiere of The Batman, the film’s marketing machine is in full swing, bestowing fans of the Caped Crusader with promo clips, images, and numerous other hype-fueling content on a regular basis. The latest instance of this is a gorgeous poster that features our main characters atop a Gotham City in flames.

There’s one thing in the upcoming reboot that’s leaving even non-Batman fans awestruck, and that is Matt Reeves’ unique aesthetic style. There’s something fundamentally immersive about how this new Gotham looks in Robert Pattinson’s first outing as the Dark Knight, and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen from Batman in live-action ⏤ even among Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed trilogy, which is essentially the height of the comic book adaptation as far as artistic input is concerned.

It’s not just the movie itself, mind you. Whether it’s a character poster that blends Batman’s silhouette in a background of crimson or an eerie score that heralds vengeance for Gotham City, the entire promotional campaign is geared towards imitating that same aesthetic choice. Without further ado, check out the movie’s official new poster:

We know what you’re thinking after taking in this breathtaking poster, and we echo the sentiment: The Batman can’t come out in theaters soon enough. But hey, we’ve already been waiting for more than two years, so what’s one more month?

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