Solo Fans Campaign For A Sequel On The Movie’s Third Anniversary

Solo: A Star Wars Story

In what’s no doubt going to become an annual tradition until everyone either gives up or Disney and Lucasfilm issue the green light, Solo: A Star Wars Story is trending on the third anniversary of its release as fans demand more.

After a tortured production saw directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller fired and replaced by the steady if unspectacular hand of Ron Howard, the budget ballooned towards $300 million. Most analysts and no doubt Disney execs figured it wouldn’t be much of a financial problem to overcome given that The Force Awakens and Rogue One had comfortably sailed past a billion dollars each, Han Solo is one of the most beloved characters in popular culture and every single live-action Star Wars blockbuster to date had earned at least $475 million without even considering ticket price inflation.

Of course, Solo flopped and saw any plans for an Alden Ehrenreich trilogy nixed at the first hurdle, although it almost instantly went on to find a second life as a firm favorite among longtime enthusiasts of a galaxy far, far away. Today marks exactly three years since the second and final Anthology film hit theaters, so naturally fans are trying to raise awareness once more for a sequel, as you can see below.

The fact of the matter is that a feature-length sequel won’t happen because it would be a terrible business decision for Disney and Lucasfilm to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to develop a successor to Solo: A Star Wars Story, a movie that didn’t make them any money. However, the rise of Disney Plus and its reliance on that galaxy far, far away for splashy new content means that further adventures for the likes of Ehrenreich’s Han, Chewie, Darth Maul or the Crimson Dawn can’t be taken completely off the table.