Alden Ehrenreich Reportedly Returning To Star Wars As Han Solo

Solo: A Star Wars Story

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe introducing the multiverse and the numerous Star Wars shows in development spanning the entirety of the timeline from the High Republic-era The Acolyte to the present day Lando, almost every big name to have appeared in either franchise has been linked with a return in a Disney Plus series or a feature film.

This presents some interesting questions about the contractual status of the hypothetical talents in question. The vast majority of actors tend to sign three-picture deals when boarding a major brand, after all, even if sequels don’t end up materializing. In theory, then, the studio could simply be exercising an option to bring them back without having to negotiate new terms, depending on the small print.

Alden Ehrenreich revealed before Solo was released that he’d signed on for three appearances as the younger version of the iconic character, but after the origin story bombed at the box office, any plans for more adventures were put on ice. However, there’s been no shortage of speculation that he might end up involved in one of the many Disney Plus exclusives, although their status as TV shows could mean the Mouse House might have to start from scratch in terms of negotiations.

We’ve already heard from our own sources that a young Han Solo will appear in one of The Mandalorian spinoffs, while he could also realistically show up in Lando if Donal Glover is brought back as well. And now, Giant Freakin Robot reports that Ehrenreich is indeed set for a return on the small screen and will reprise the role of the iconic hero.

Of course, none of this has been officially confirmed by the studio just yet, but fans have been campaigning to no avail for a Solo sequel and Lucasfilm will be fully aware there’s a huge interest in the property, so it can’t be completely ruled out that Ehrenreich’s Han Solo will indeed appear in a Disney Plus show or two, with GFR even noting that he could get his very own project on the streaming service.