Early Solo: A Star Wars Story Concept Art Reveals Huge Changes


If you weren’t completely sold on Solo: A Star Wars Story, like a large portion of the paying public, perhaps a glimpse of what might have been will be enough to whet your appetite.

To the film’s detriment, it’s been common knowledge how many changes Han’s solo outing underwent before it made it to the big screen. From directors Lord and Miller being swapped with Ron Howard, to Michael K. Williams’ big bad being replaced by Paul Bettany to the titular hero himself being made less Ace Ventura-esque, a lot of alterations were made behind the scenes on Solo‘s path to the big screen.

How far these ideas made it into the production process are unknown at the moment, but they certainly make for some serious speculation. Take the images in the gallery below for example. The first one, for instance, has two owners pulling their dogs apart in the park, as we see Han trying to keep Chewie from ripping the arms off of a feral Ewok. How this would have fit into the film is anyone’s guess, but the links to Return of the Jedi certainly would have helped legitimize the standalone movie.

Other artwork, meanwhile, suggests that Enfys Nest was due to attack the Millenium Falcon during the Kessel Run, but instead ended up saving the reveal until right before the showdown with the Crimson Dawn.

Perhaps most interesting of the images is the one of a squad of Wookie Stormtroopers congregated together. Wookies are only ever usually seen as honorable and loyal in the Star Wars universe, from defending Yoda and the Jedi during Palpatine’s lethal Order 66 to Chewbacca’s unquestionable loyalty to Han Solo through dire and dangerous circumstances. The idea that some Wookies may have sold their soul to betray their own kind then is an intriguing idea which only adds to the Star Wars universe, rather than borrows from it.

Whether any of this would’ve made the film better than what we ultimately got, we’ll never know, but it’s always fun to take a look at what could’ve been and after checking out the gallery up above, be sure to share your thoughts on Solo: A Star Wars Story with us in the comments section.

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