You Won’t Believe How Much Lucasfilm Spent On Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Reshoots


According to a news report from Variety, Solo: A Star Wars Story cost a reported $250 million to make. If those numbers are indeed correct, then that’s higher than the production budget of The Force Awakens, which came in at $245 million.

For anyone who’s been following the behind the scenes drama surrounding Solo, this should come as no surprise. Four months into production, Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired by Kathleen Kennedy and Ron Howard stepped in. Filming was set to wrap in July but because of the replacement, shooting didn’t end until October. Also, Howard reportedly shot close to 80 percent of the final product.

As a result of these reshoots, Lucasfilm ended up doubling the budget on Solo: A Star Wars Story. Since it’s now reported to be at $250 million, then that means they originally envisioned it to cost $125 million. And though it’ll no doubt be an inevitable moneymaker, we’re hearing it’ll have to hit at least $500 million worldwide to break even. That shouldn’t be a huge issue, though, since the franchise is pretty teflon at this point.

After all, it’s projected to have a very big opening stateside and advanced ticket sales are outpacing Black Panther. There may be holdovers like Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Infinity War breathing down its neck, but there aren’t any tentpole films being released for a short while after this coming weekend. So, all things considered, the spinoff will certainly have some breathing room.

Tell us, are you shocked by this reported budget? And do you think Solo: A Star Wars Story will fare well during its theatrical release? Take to the comments section below and make yourself heard!