Solo: A Star Wars Story Managed To Break A Box Office Record After All


If there’s a positive to be pulled from the wreckage of Solo: A Star Wars Story, it’s that Lucasfilm and The Walt Disney Company have been sent back to the drawing board. Regardless, the Ron Howard-directed space western, which made just $84.7 million domestically opening weekend, can take solace in the fact it was still able to break one record upon release.

According to Heroic Hollywood, the spinoff, which was easily one of the year’s most anticipated blockbusters, had the best opening weekend for a heist film of all-time. Granted, they’ve really dug deep into for this one, but it is a victory nonetheless.

While Solo did earn the biggest Memorial Day weekend debut since 2014, given that the pic made just $143 million worldwide, which is less than half of the $290 million global opening hauled in by Rogue One, Lucasfilm and its parent company would need a miracle to right this ship. And unfortunately for them, it was revealed earlier this week that things are about to get much worse for the Anthology film. Analysts who spoke to The Wrap peg the global total to finish at just $400-450 million.

That’s easily the lowest for any of the space set operas, including the Original Trilogy with inflation taken into account, and as such, Han’s solo outing might need its home video release and other ancillary revenue to turn a profit on the $250 million it cost to produce the dud. Especially since things aren’t looking too good for this weekend, either.

Up against weak challengers such as Action Point and Adrift, Solo: A Star Wars Story, although it will be victorious at the box office, is expected to earn less than $40 million domestically, a steep drop of at least 53% from an already weak debut. Where Lucasfilm will take the franchise from here in the wake of such a disappointment remains to be seen, but you can bet that their latest Anthology movie will certainly have them re-thinking future plans.

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