Sonic The Hedgehog Fans Want Ben Schwartz To Take Over The Role

Sonic The Hedgehog

It looks as if Sega has decided to make some big changes to Sonic The Hedgehog going forward.

Revealing the news over on Twitter yesterday, longtime Sonic voice actor Roger Crag Smith confirmed that he would no longer be playing the character in a heartfelt message implying that the separation wasn’t by choice. Indeed, many fans responding to the unexpected news believe the split to be a result of Sega choosing not to renew Smith’s contract in favor of someone else. While nothing official has been revealed so far, Ben Schwartz, who voiced the world’s fastest hedgehog in last year’s live-action adaptation, is clearly a frontrunner to take over vocal duties for all things starring the gaming icon and it seems as if such an outcome would be preferable for many.

That’s if reactions to Smith’s aforementioned Tweet are any indication, at least, as the majority are giving Schwartz’s total assumption of the role a big thumbs up and you can check out some of the responses for yourself down below.

Some, on the other hand, aren’t the biggest fans of Schwartz or Smith and would rather bring back individuals such as Jason Giffith or Ryan Drummond. Neither actor has voiced Sonic for more than a decade, however, so such requests are almost certainly wishful thinking.

Whatever the outcome, we’re sure Sega will have more to share in the near future, but for now, it seems as if the company has ample time to make a decision. Paramount’s Sonic The Hedgehog sequel isn’t due to release for a while yet and we’ve heard next to nothing about any upcoming games. It’s all very much a case of wait and see, then, so be sure to let us know in the usual place below who you’d like to have assume the position.