‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ fans hyped for Jim Carrey’s Robotnik

robotnik sonice the hedgehog 2

It’s been a while since Jim Carrey was regarded as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, with the actor’s output having dropped off significantly across the last decade, but his performance as Dr. Robotnik in the smash hit Sonic the Hedgehog movie saw him recapture some of that old magic.

The rubber-faced funnyman didn’t so much chew on the scenery as devour it whole, and he was clearly having a blast dialing his performance way past eleven. After the video game adaptation drew some of the best reviews the genre had ever seen and hauled in $319 million at the box office, a sequel was announced in short order.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is coming to theaters in April 2022, and after the first trailer dropped last night to showcase the latest adventure for the iconic speedster, the internet was hyped at getting reacquainted with Carrey’s Robotnik, this time in much more game-accurate form.

Carrey hasn’t appeared in anything since the first installment was released, so Sonic the Hedgehog 2 marks his first credit of any kind for two years. That’s a long time to be away for someone that’s been a regular fixture on our screens for close to 30 years, and he’s clearly preparing to blow us all away with another phenomenally hammy turn as the mustachioed menace.