Sony and Marvel mounting serious Oscars push for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

spider-man no way home

The debate over Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s awards season chances has already ignited, with many fans firmly of the belief that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s multiversal blockbuster is fully and entirely deserving of Academy Awards recognition.

On the plus side, it’s already been shortlisted for two Oscars in the Best Visual Effects and Best Sound categories, but any nods in the major categories feel like they’re well out of reach. However, that hasn’t stopped Sony and Marvel Studios from launching a serious push to have No Way Home recognized for all of the top prizes.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony boss Tom Rothman outlined why he feels the biggest Hollywood blockbuster to have hit theaters since 2019 can become an awards juggernaut, as well as a commercial one.

“This is a big picture on the big screen at a moment when the big screen experience is fighting for its life. This is a chance for the Academy to strike a blow for the big screen”

Blockbusters don’t tend to make Best Picture shortlists all that often, and it’s even rarer for a comic book movie. Black Panther and Joker are the only two that have been contenders, while The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King remains the last broad, effects-driven effort to take home the top prize.

Sony and Marvel clearly believe Spider-Man: No Way Home is in with a shot, though, and you never know; maybe the Oscars would see such a popular title as a means to draw in more viewers after last year’s Best Actor debacle.