Venom Sequel Officially In The Works, Tom Hardy Will Return


Venom was far from a perfect movie. Hell, you could even say that Sony’s standalone superhero romp was a bit of a chaotic mess, but one thing’s for sure: Tom Hardy brought his A game and offered up one helluva performance.

The Mad Max: Fury Road star basically straddled the line between Eddie Brock and the Sinister Symbiote – between human and demon – which resulted in some truly spectacular scenes, as the unsuspecting Eddie began to turn into the inky-black monstrosity we know and fear. That’s why we’re pleased to report today that Hardy will be back for Venom 2, which is now in development.

That’s according to Variety, who say that Sony’s officially begun work on the sequel, with the first film’s writer, Kelly Marcel, returning to pen the script. What’s more is that Michelle Williams is expected to return as well, with Woody Harrelson locked in to portray Carnage, who’ll act as the pic’s main villain.

And as for the director’s chair? It remains empty for now, and sources believe Sony will look for someone new to get behind the camera, since Ruben Fleischer, who helmed Venom, will probably be busy with Zombieland 2.

While none of this is terribly surprising – the movie did make $855 million, after all – it’s still nice to get some confirmation that things are moving forward. And though a release date for the sequel still eludes us, we imagine it’ll be here within the next two years, with one report from a few months ago suggesting that the film could be scheduled to premiere on October 2nd, 2020.

In any case, thanks to the post-credits scene of Venom, we can already start to form a pretty good idea of the threat Eddie Brock will be going up against in the sequel, and for better or worse, audiences better be ready for some PG-13 Carnage.

Source: Variety

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