Venom Blu-Ray To Include Extended Post-Credits Scene


Though it remains to be seen whether Venom will wind up with a sequel – though given how it’s performing, we imagine it will – it’s always been apparent that director Ruben Fleischer and Sony Pictures intended for Eddie Brock’s first standalone outing to be the first part of a larger saga. And since this is a comic book movie we’re dealing with, a post-credits teaser was always going to be a given.

Sure enough, there was one included and it saw Tom Hardy’s title character coming face to face with one Cletus Kasady, played by Woody Harrelson. Fans had speculated that Fleischer’s old Zombieland collaborator would taking on the role of the murderous Carnage, and it was finally confirmed when the incarcerated Cletus mentions his future alter ego by name, saying that when he gets out of prison, “there’s gonna be carnage.”

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much more than a brief meeting between the two men, but according to a list of the special features for the Venom Blu-ray, Sony’s going to be offering up a bit of a longer tease. That’s because the disc will apparently include an extended version of the post-credits scene. There’s no details on what else we’ll see, but it’s nice to know we’ll get more of Cletus Kasady regardless.

Of course, some folks may still be disappointed that we didn’t get to witness Carnage in the flesh the first time around, but it made sense to keep the focus on Venom himself in the film, while giving one of his most popular foes the space he needs for his proper debut in the sequel. When the carnage does come, though, expect it to be of of the PG-13 variety, as co-producer Avi Arad has previously told us that the gruesome spectacles won’t be necessary for capturing the psychological essence of this serial killer villain.

That may not be what you want to hear, but seeing how well Venom is currently doing at the box office, you certainly can’t fault Sony for their decision. And with any luck, the upcoming Blu-ray release (a date for which still hasn’t been announced) will give us a bit more insight into what they have planned for the inevitable sequel.

Source: Twitter