Sony Drops Bad Boys 3 From Release Slate

Despite sounding like a great idea on paper, some films get stuck in development hell for so long that it makes you wonder just what the heck is really going on? Such is the case with Bad Boys 3. After two extremely successful instalments, you’d think that all parties involved would be rushing to make another outing, but that hasn’t been the case. A glimmer of hope appeared when Joe Carnahan signed on to write and direct not too long ago, but he’s since departed the project and it’s now back in limbo.

There hasn’t been a substantial update in quite a while and at this point, it’s starting to look like the film will never get made. That’s especially true now that Sony has dropped it from their upcoming release slate. Originally set to arrive in November of 2018, the studio removed it from their schedule earlier this week and haven’t given it a new date, which means that in all likelihood, it’s been placed on the backburner.

This is definitely disappointing to hear, as we know that both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are down to make another one and fans seem to be all for seeing a threequel as well. There’s also the fact that neither actor is getting any younger. As Michael Bay said a few weeks back, it’s now or never for Bad Boys 3 and if it doesn’t get going soon, the stars are going to be too old to do it.

“Pretty soon they’re going to be old boys, okay,” said the director. “Pretty soon they’re going to be retired cops instead of active-duty cops. It’s taken a long time to get that thing going, and I’m not involved in getting it going. They should get it going soon, though. You could definitely get Martin and Will to be funny again — those were fun movies to do.”

He makes a very good point, but with Sony now having removed the pic from their release slate, it’s starting to look like this one might just fizzle off into development hell, never to be seen again. And what an absolute shame that would be.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on any and all further developments that might arise, but in the meantime, tell us, do you think we’ll ever see Bad Boys 3 come to fruition? Or should we just give up hope now? Sound off in the usual place!