Sony producer says she won’t make ‘Spider-Man’ movies without Tom Holland

spiderman tom holland

Tom Holland admitted that he doesn’t plan on playing Spider-Man when he’s in his 30s, echoing sentiments shared by on and offscreen mentor Robert Downey Jr. on the actor’s long term future as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s friendly neighborhood superhero.

If the actor plans on sticking to his word, then that means Sony are going to have to try and churn out as many movies as possible featuring the web-slinging icon before Holland reaches the milestone in June of 2026. The star’s contract expires after the release of No Way Home, so there’s going to be some interesting negotiations in the near future.

However, Sony producer and Spider-Man veteran Amy Pascal admitted in GQ‘s profile on Holland that she’s got no intention of making live-action blockbusters revolving around Peter Parker if he isn’t part of them, which puts the franchise in an interesting position.

“I’ve talked to him about doing, like, 100 more. I’m never going to make Spider-Man movies without him. Are you kidding me?”

We all know that Spider-Man blockbusters aren’t going to end forever when Holland decides to hang up the spandex for good, but maybe Pascal will simply choose to end her involvement on the producorial side of thing when that day comes. The current incumbent has already touted Miles Morales as his replacement, but we’ll see if Pascal’s words still hold any weight five or ten years from now.