Sony Reportedly Wants To Give Closure To The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Storyline

Spider-Man Electro

It was clear that Sony had no idea what they were doing with their second attempt at a web-slinging superhero franchise when fans cut together an entire trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comprised entirely of scenes that didn’t even make it into the movie. The footage that did show up in the film was also very misleading, with most promos ending on a money shot of Spidey squaring up to Paul Giamatti’s Rhino, which turned out to be the very last thing audiences saw before the pic cut to black.

The desire to build a cinematic universe to rival Marvel Studios was painfully obvious, and had a huge impact on the story at the center of Marc Webb’s sequel, which became lost in a sea of superfluous subplots and supporting characters that ultimately went nowhere. You really have to feel for Andrew Garfield, a lifelong Spider-Man fan who literally cried tears of joy when he snagged the role, only to find himself shunted to the background and recast when Sony struck a deal with Marvel after The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4 had already been given release dates.

However, it looks increasingly likely that the 37 year-old will be suiting up again alongside Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland in the MCU’s Spider-Man 3, and insider Daniel Richtman now claims that if the Hacksaw Ridge star sticks around, Sony might bring some closure to his tenure as the wall-crawler by putting a bow on the storyline last seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

“[The] plan is to address and give closure to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 storyline,” says the tipster.

In all honesty, there were so many unresolved plotlines in that movie that it would be hard to pick just one that could easily be resolved, but there’s no denying Garfield deserved a much better sendoff than simply being kicked to the sidelines and forgotten about. And with any luck, he’ll get another chance at showing the world what he can do as the iconic hero.