Sony reveals 3 new ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ images

spider-man across the spider-verse

The bombs just keep on dropping for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, which only revealed the first footage a few hours ago. The animated sequel instantly became one of the hottest topics on the entire internet, with Sony responding in kind with a whole heap of brand new information.

We’ve got Oscar Isaac confirmed for a major role as Spider-Man 2099, along with an official plot synopsis and the massive reveal that Across the Spider-Verse is only the first chapter of a two-part story. It’s unfortunate that the movie is still eleven months way from release, because we could really do with seeing it now.

The latest update has seen the studio drop a trio of new stills, and they offer yet another awesome glimpse at the myriad of different animation styles we can expect to see from Across the Spider-Verse, which you can check out below.

It takes some doing to knock Spider-Man: No Way Home off the summit as the most buzzed-about web-slinging blockbuster on the horizon, but Across the Spider-Verse has managed it and then some. Of course, business will return to normal imminently with Tom Holland’s threequel twelve days out from release, but at least we won’t be forgetting about Sony’s other high-profile Spidey adventure anytime soon.