Sony Rumored To Be Considering A New Tobey Maguire Spider-Man Movie


At this point, it seems like it’s all but confirmed that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will be hopping into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Spider-Man 3. Of course, Sony recently poured cold water on the idea, but there’s enough evidence out there to suggest that it’s happening and it seems that their appearances in the franchise may not be limited to just the aforementioned threequel.

When it comes to Maguire, in particular, a report from noted insider Grace Randolph earlier this weekend claimed that the actor wants to be able to spend more time out of the suit should he sign on for Spider-Man 3, and doesn’t want to just swing by for a quick fan-pleasing cameo. And it seems he may get his wish, as Sony is now said to be considering giving him his own film to reprise the role in.

At least, that’s according to tipster Daniel Richtman, who shared the following on Patreon today:

Tag this under rumor but I hear that Sony might do what DC is doing and go all in with the Multiverse idea and do new solo films for Tobey and Andrew.

How exactly this would work is unclear, as Richtman didn’t offer up any further details, but the idea of new solo movies for both of the former web-slingers is obviously a hugely exciting prospect and with the multiverse set to be cracked wide open in the MCU soon, there are a number of ways that they can go about pulling it off. But presumably, such a thing would be a long ways away.

First, they need to officially lock both actors in for the upcoming Spider-Man 3, and probably only then, once they see how audiences react to having Tobey and Andrew back, will they make any final decisions on how long they want them to stick around for. Let’s just hope, though, that the threequel isn’t the extent of their return to the iconic role.