Sony Open To Their Spidey-Verse Characters Appearing In The MCU


It’s been a complicated road to understanding the relationship between Sony’s series of Spider-Man-less spinoff movies and the mainline Marvel Cinematic Universe. Way back when, Amy Pascal said that Venom and its ilk would take place in an “adjunct” to the MCU, but Kevin Feige then backtracked on this and said that there was no connection between the two studios on these projects.

Well, maybe things have changed since that statement was given, as that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Variety’s reporting that Sony and Marvel are closer than ever and the former is very happy to share its characters with the MCU and, the outlet assumes, vice versa.

Here’s how they put it:

“Sony is open to having other characters from its Spider-Man films pop up in Marvel movies that are produced under the Disney aegis, and would presumably also like to see an Avenger or two cameo in its own movies.”

For ages, Marvel fans have had to get used to the disappointing fact that Tom Hardy’s Venom might never face off against Tom Holland’s Spidey. Which would be a big shame as both Toms are apparently very up for it. Miraculously, it looks like we might actually see that, after all. There were rumors of Holland showing up in Venom a few months back, but we’re pretty sure that’s not going to happen. That being said, if Marvel wanted to sneak Hardy into Spider-Man: Far From Home, they could be free to.

Still, it’s worth pointing out that Variety says Sony’s “open” to the idea of throwing all the action figures in one chest and is not necessarily planning on doing it. Then again, if you were Kevin Feige and were about to land the rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, the temptation to bring all the various splinters of the Marvel universe under one roof must be pretty strong.