Spider-Man 3 Might Feature Four Different Villains


Despite their split with Sony causing a lot of fans to panic, Disney has now made up with their rivals and together, the two studios are moving forward with Spider-Man 3. Set to take place in the MCU thanks to the renewed deal, and already locked in for a release in July of 2021, development has already begun and though it’s still early, early days for the project, it seems that the pieces are beginning to fall into place.

A few months back, we told you that Kraven and Scorpion would be the main villains, which makes a lot of sense given what we know so far about the movie and where Marvel is heading with the franchise (see: Sinister Six), but now we’ve heard that they won’t be the only ones. In fact, they’ll be joined by two other antagonists, both of which are quite surprising to hear about, but will certainly make exciting additions to the threequel.

As usual, we’ll caution that plans can always change – remember when multiple outlets reported that Avengers 4 would be titled Avengers: Annihilation, and that Armie Hammer was going to be Batman? – but at the moment, the current idea is to also have Kingpin and Bullseye show up in Spider-Man 3. Yes, both Daredevil characters will be appearing to cause trouble for Peter and while they’ve been described as “supporting villains,” it’ll definitely be fun to see them crossing paths with Spidey regardless.

This intel comes to us from the same sources who were also the first ones to reveal that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is playing young Morpheus in The Matrix 4, Daniel Radcliffe is being eyed for Moon KnightAce Ventura 3 is in the works and Deadpool 3 is now in active development at Marvel Studios, all of which have been confirmed recently. So, there’s no reason to doubt it and again, while things can still change between now and when Spider-Man 3 heads in front of cameras, we’re told that the plan is definitely to have multiple villains.

After all, with Peter’s identity having been revealed in Far From Home, the next movie will apparently see numerous baddies out to get him and collect the bounty on his head, so to speak. And while Kraven and Scorpion are the main ones that the hero will have to deal with, you can expect to see at least a few more show up in brief roles – including, for now at least, Kingpin and Bullseye.

But tell us, do you like the direction that Marvel’s heading in with Spider-Man 3, by including all these antagonists? Or do you think they may run into some of the same problems that previous films featuring the web-slinger did? Sound off in the usual place down below and let us know.