‘Spider-Man’ co-star says Tom Holland talks about playing James Bond ‘a lot’

by Keane Eacobellis

Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond is over. The actor has confirmed on multiple occasions that No Time To Die was his last hurrah as the iconic character. Even without Craig, Bond will continue on at some point in the future. The search for the next Bond will likely start soon and there will be no shortage of actors hoping to get a crack at the role.

A big name to keep an eye on is Spider-Man: No Way Home star Tom Holland. The 25-year-old global superstar is already starring in a ton of big projects, but apparently that’s not enough. According to Spider-Man costar Jacob Batalon’s interview with GQ, Holland is obsessed with the idea of playing Bond.

“He talks about being James Bond a lot,” Batalon said. “A lot a lot.”

Some may look at Holland’s age and completely rule him out to take over for Craig in the near future. The youngest Bond is George Lazenby, who took over the character at the age of 30. It would presumably take a few years for another Bond film to get made, so Holland wouldn’t be too much younger than Lazenby was when a possible reboot starts getting shot.

It’s hard to imagine that Holland won’t at least be considered. He hails from the United Kingdom and is a massive star that could attract a younger audience to the franchise. However, he could have to wait in line as there are many older actors who would be perfect for the part. Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, and Idris Elba are just a few names that have come up in the past as potential Bond replacements.