Spider-Man Director Jon Watts Appears To Tease Miles Morales Cameo In Reboot

miles morales

Long before Tom Holland was cherry-picked for the coveted role of Peter Parker, many believed – and indeed hoped – that Marvel would venture down the route set out by the studio’s comic universe and build the reboot around Miles Morales. Alas, that wasn’t the case, meaning that the company remained true to its guns and opted to place Peter front and center for 2017’s Spider-Man standalone film. But could Miles still be involved in the plot in some capacity?

Yahoo! Movies certainly thinks so. Upon interviewing director Jon Watts, the outlet quizzed the filmmaker about the creative decision to remain with Peter Parker for the retelling, and whether there were any serious discussions of Morales picking up the mantle in time for 2017.


What’s interesting, though, is that Watts doesn’t out-and-out deny the claim, fuelling speculation that Miles Morales may appear alongside Peter in the standalone feature.

“I can’t talk about that, because, you know, that will reveal too much,” he tells us. “We’re still writing the story…we haven’t finished all the way through the story yet, so who knows.”

Hardly conclusive, but tantalizing nonetheless. If Miles Morales, the mixed-race character who supplanted Peter Parker as Spider-Man in the comic books, were to appear, it would likely mean that Marvel is either currently searching for a young actor to play the role, or has one enlisted but is keeping his involvement under wraps. Both are equally exciting, though it’s worth taking Watts’ comments with a pinch of salt for now.

As for the director’s own excitement for Spider-Man, he concluded the interview by discussing the talent of his leading star, Tom Holland, stating that:

“He’s sweet, but he seems like he’d be really morally grounded and he can be a little dorky when you need him to,” says Watts. “Also, he was in Billy Elliot in the West End, so he can actually just do a backflip. He’s already a lot closer to being Spider-Man than you think.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man reboot is on course for a release in 2017, though fans can look forward to Holland swinging into action when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: Yahoo!