‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ actually scores 2nd biggest opening weekend ever

As it turns out, Spider-Man: No Way Home didn’t score the third highest-grossing domestic opening weekend ever by earning $253 million from Friday to Sunday, which was good enough to see it become the top-earning title in the United States this year in the space of 72 hours.

Even though we’re talking about the most hotly-anticipated blockbuster to hit cinemas in the last two years, one that came within touching distance of landing a global debut of $600 million, the estimates for just how much money No Way Home could possibly make in a single frame have been undersold a little.

Goodbye, Avengers: Infinity War, because your record has been broken. Now that the final Sunday numbers have come in, Tom Holland’s latest spandex-clad swing through New York City seized $260 million, which bumps No Way Home up one position on the all-time charts, although it still trails the mighty Endgame by $97 million.

That being said, a pandemic-era film generating that amount of revenue was unthinkable as recently as this time last week, with even the most optimistic of projections hanging a $150 million prediction over Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s head. Instead, it’s only gone and brought in $110 million more, continuing its awe-inspiring rollout.