‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ opening scene has a big continuity error

spider-man: no way home

As the biggest and most popular franchise in the business, one that built its reputation on seamlessly dovetailing together across multiple film and latterly television projects, fans are sticklers when it comes to Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity, so it was inevitable that somebody would nitpick the first minute of Spider-Man: No Way Home after it was released online.

Next week’s multiversal blockbuster opens immediately after Far From Home‘s cliffhanger conclusion, with Jonah Jameson outing Peter Parker’s secret identity to the world. Tom Holland’s Spidey and Zendaya’s MJ swing off into the New York City distance to catch a breather, pondering what their next move is after the friendly neighborhood superhero’s teenage alter ego was revealed.

In No Way Home‘s first scene, MJ is wearing the Black Dahlia necklace that was given to her by Peter in Far From Home, but she didn’t have it on when the second installment drew to a close. While a small piece of jewelry is hardly a game-changing mistake that ruins the movie from the outset, it’s nonetheless the sort of thing that Twitter loves to pick up on.

Having prided itself on being one sprawling saga that’s all connected, it’s a very minor oversight on the part of the creative and post-production teams, even if it’s hardly going to spoil Spider-Man: No Way Home when it’s a purely cosmetic thing.