Spider-Man: No Way Home Runtime Reportedly Revealed


Given that we’re talking about a multiversal superhero blockbuster that ties up a three-film arc for its title hero, hands a sizeable supporting role to Doctor Strange that also builds towards his own sequel, and introduces a multitude of multiversal villains to wreak havoc on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, nobody’s expecting Spider-Man: No Way Home to be a light and breezy 90-minute romp.

We’ve been fully expecting a truly butt-numbing length since the second the crux of the narrative was initially revealed, and a new rumor claims to have divulged that… it’s probably not as long as you might think. Some fans have been crossing their fingers for Spider-Man: The Return of the King, spinning the narrative web for upwards of three hours while throwing a dozen different endings into the mix.

Instead, Big Screen Leaks is reporting that the 27th installment in the MCU will run for 152 minutes and 55 seconds, which isn’t too bad, all things considered. Admittedly, that would make it the second-lengthiest solo movie in franchise history after Eternals, which is being lambasted in some quarters for the same thing, but Spidey has earned the benefit of the doubt from audiences.

That’s substantially longer than Sam Raimi’s derided Spider-Man 3, but it would be an understatement to say that it’s probably justified when you consider the sheer amount of plot threads and moving parts that need to be resolved by the time No Way Home‘s credits roll.